Hindu Iconography

07/04/2016 Main

I wanted to talk today about a great passion of mine and that is for Hindu iconography.  In particular I really love the artistic representations of individual Hindu deities. I enjoy modern depictions of the Hindu deities but what I am most interested in are the ancient carvings contained within Hindu temples and the paintings that can be found within some of the restored ancient Hindu scriptures. Read more

Finding used Gucci Shoes

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Obsessed with Second Hand designer Footwear: Read more


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Hi everyone, I hope you have enjoyed all of my posts so far. I want to keep things both diverse and interesting on my blog – somewhere to celebrate and reflect on Indian art and culture. With this in mind I thought that it would be good to talk about one of India’s most famous artists and indeed my own favourite. Well known for his abstract style, a style that was less well travelled by other Indian artists of his time, Gaitonde created pieces that captured a spirit, imagination and depth, edged with a sense of calm and tranquillity, that leaves the viewer in a trance of silence and stillness. In essence Gaitonde’s work reflects his own interest in Zen Buddhism and in turn a reflection of how he lived his life – it represents a sense of joy, pleasure and peacefulness and an intimate relationship between painter and painting. Read more

Dirt Bikes

01/01/2016 Main

Hello everybody, welcome back to my Art & Collectibles blog. I hope it’s been enjoyable for you reading my blog so far. My last post may have been a little boring for you as I was talking about stamp collecting and philately so sorry about that, I wanted to talk about it as it’s my wife’s favourite hobby. It is a hobby that a lot of people might not understand but I think if you are a collector like me, then you can maybe appreciate it a little more. I personally think there’s more interesting thigs to collect but everybody has their own opinion and my wife is very happy collecting stamps. Read more


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Philately Read more

Royal Enfield

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Royal Enfield Read more


Old Indian Coins

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Old Indian Coins Read more

Handcrafted Antiques

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Handcrafted Antiques Read more


This is my blog

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Hello I am Khalid and this is my blog. I would like this blog to be about Art and other things that people enjoy to collect. I especially enjoy Indian Art & Antiques as India was my birth place. Read more