Crazy Fashion Trends from the Past

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Hey everyone, welcome back to my apparel blog. I wanted to take a break from talking about all the newest fashions and backpedal a little bit. Well, backpedal a lot. Today I plan on looking at some of the stranger fashion trends through history, particularly the ones that we are much better off without.    Read more

Summer Fun

02/06/2017 Main
Summer Fun

Hey there all you sexy guys and gals, welcome back to my most wonderful apparel blog. I have another post for those of you trying to stay on top of the latest fashion trends for 2017. Summer time is right around the corner, and that means tons of new outfits to mix match with the warmer weather allowing you to show a little more skin. For all of you frugal shoppers out there, have no worries. All of my clothes and accessories are cheap and used, most of them coming from which is my personal choice for the best classified ads website in Australia. Check out some of these hot trends to keep in mind when planning your Summer fun outfits this month.  Read more

Stay warm on a Rainy Day

18/04/2017 Main

Hello there guys and gals, welcome back (and for the first time) to my apparel blog. It’s another rainy spring day stuck at home for me today, and that means another chilly day. I ended up having to run out quickly at one point during the day and got absolutely drenched, then returned home to feel colder than I had felt in a long time. I then proceeded to empty out my closet so that I can find some warm clothes to wear on this rainy spring day. Here is my outfit to survive the rainy day blues on any day of the week. Read more

Top Fashion Trends in 2017

15/04/2017 Main

Hello Everyone! Welcome back to my fashion apparel blog. This time I will give you the latest insights about the top fashion trends for the upcoming season. First off, the fashion this summer won't be boring. That's for sure. Because the 80s are back! Bright colours screaming everywhere. Wide belts playfully highlight the female's waist. Sporty outdoor details bring a little hint of adventure into everyone's wardrobe. And also trendy: Vichy and Gingham checks, glistening sequins on everyday wear and bright pink outfits. Read more

Baring it all

23/02/2017 Main

If you’re looking for the one trend to update your wardrobe with for 2017 then look no further. Baring all is beautiful, and thanks to the Autumn / Winter shows at both New York and London fashion weeks it’s going to be the look to end this year.   Read more

5 pairs of Jeans you need

07/02/2017 Main

Hi everyone.  Welcome back to my fashion apparel blog. Read more


A Bathing Ape

02/12/2016 Main
A Bathing Ape

A Bathing Ape in Japanese means a spoiled kid or youth. Like all developed countries, there are probably plenty of those in Japan. A Bathing Ape is also a clothing brand formed in 1993 by a DJ / producer called Nigo. Nigo, whilst producing hip hop records in the early 90s started screen priniting his own designs and selling them to friends and associates, before deciding to go commercial. Read more

Their story and mine

19/11/2016 Main
Their story and mine

Hi fellow fashionistas, and welcome back to my blog.  I’ve recently been looking back over my website and it appears there’s one subjects I have spent a lot of time talking about, and it’s a subject not only close to my heart, but to the heart of a lot of women  I can’t say I found it surprising that I have talked about shoes so often, as the inspiration to write this blog post was when I saw a friend wearing the most beautiful converses known to mankind and I knew I absolutely had to have them.  After discovering they are no longer made, and were part of a limited edition a couple of years ago I searched one of the best second hand websites I know;   Lo and behold I managed to find them and my feet are incredibly happy.   Read more

Christmas Jumpers

17/11/2016 Main

Love them or loathe them, it seems as if the Christmas jumper is one of those perennial fashion items that never quite finds its way into the style rubbish bin. Sure it ebbs and flows each year, its popularity waxing and waning with the strength of the minor celebrities that implicitly endorse them by showcasing them on whatever passes for their talent showcase of a TV show. In fact, I entirely blame the TV for the rise and evolution of this hideous fashion item. Read more

Winter Jackets

15/11/2016 Main
Winter Jackets

Hi all, and welcome back to my fashion apparel blog.  Winter has well and truly arrived.  And although there are a lot of reasons not to be happy about that it does mean a couple of really good things.  The main one for me being  winter clothes, and specifically winter coats/jackets.  Today I thought we’d look at my top picks for this upcoming winter.   Read more

Sports Clothing

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Adidas Read more

The Ties of Today

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Hi guys! Read more


Bandana Mad

07/10/2016 Main
Bandana Mad

How’s it going people? Welcome back to the blog. I wanted to add a post to talk about bandanas. I can’t believe I didn’t catch onto the fad in my younger days. I always thought they were for hippies, surf dudes, cool chicks or rockers and figured I’d look like a total idiot if I was to wear one. Well, the other day, I was around my aunties and my young niece was there. She’d got a really nice turquoise blue and white, floral patterned bandana and I thought it looked well cool, so tried it on. She’s a little pro so she tied it up for me and did my hair. If I do say so myself, I looked awesome man! I’ve occasionally worn headbands in the past when I had my hair shorter when I was back in School & College but I’ve never really worn anything other than my curls or maybe a hay occasionally, if I’ve come across a cool one I like. Then it’s usually more to protect me from the sun, not so much a fashion statement. Read more

Classic Camera

30/04/2016 Main
Classic Camera Collection

Hi there folks. My name is Matt and this is my first time writing for this blog, so please be gentle. It is a great honour to be invited to do so and I hope I can do it justice. I’m sticking with the theme of art and collectibles and writing about a topic that spans both genres; Classic Camera Collecting! This hobby is so much easier in this day of age with internet and websites such as eBay, Gumtree and Craigslist offering numerous classic cameras for sale online. classified ads comparison website is also a great place to look for vintage cameras of all types. But for the purpose of this blog post, I am going to focus on some of my favourite classic cameras and give you the lowdown on each one. Just clarify, all the cameras that I am going to talk about in this post are all film cameras. Ok, Let us get started. Read more

Hindu Iconography

07/04/2016 Main

I wanted to talk today about a great passion of mine and that is for Hindu iconography.  In particular I really love the artistic representations of individual Hindu deities. I enjoy modern depictions of the Hindu deities but what I am most interested in are the ancient carvings contained within Hindu temples and the paintings that can be found within some of the restored ancient Hindu scriptures. Read more

Finding used Gucci Shoes

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Obsessed with Second Hand designer Footwear: Read more


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Hi everyone, I hope you have enjoyed all of my posts so far. I want to keep things both diverse and interesting on my blog – somewhere to celebrate and reflect on Indian art and culture. With this in mind I thought that it would be good to talk about one of India’s most famous artists and indeed my own favourite. Well known for his abstract style, a style that was less well travelled by other Indian artists of his time, Gaitonde created pieces that captured a spirit, imagination and depth, edged with a sense of calm and tranquillity, that leaves the viewer in a trance of silence and stillness. In essence Gaitonde’s work reflects his own interest in Zen Buddhism and in turn a reflection of how he lived his life – it represents a sense of joy, pleasure and peacefulness and an intimate relationship between painter and painting. Read more

Dirt Bikes

01/01/2016 Main

Hello everybody, welcome back to my Art & Collectibles blog. I hope it’s been enjoyable for you reading my blog so far. My last post may have been a little boring for you as I was talking about stamp collecting and philately so sorry about that, I wanted to talk about it as it’s my wife’s favourite hobby. It is a hobby that a lot of people might not understand but I think if you are a collector like me, then you can maybe appreciate it a little more. I personally think there’s more interesting thigs to collect but everybody has their own opinion and my wife is very happy collecting stamps. Read more


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Royal Enfield

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Royal Enfield Read more


Old Indian Coins

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Old Indian Coins Read more

Handcrafted Antiques

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Handcrafted Antiques Read more


This is my blog

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Hello I am Khalid and this is my blog. I would like this blog to be about Art and other things that people enjoy to collect. I especially enjoy Indian Art & Antiques as India was my birth place. Read more