Christmas Jumpers

Love them or loathe them, it seems as if the Christmas jumper is one of those perennial fashion items that never quite finds its way into the style rubbish bin. Sure it ebbs and flows each year, its popularity waxing and waning with the strength of the minor celebrities that implicitly endorse them by showcasing them on whatever passes for their talent showcase of a TV show. In fact, I entirely blame the TV for the rise and evolution of this hideous fashion item.



There are many people who claim to be the originator of this Christmas fashion faux pas. I think it’s fair to say that, like Rock and Roll (but way less cool). There were many important people involved in the instigation of this trend. I like to think that there were a few maverick knitting circles that drank a few too many mulled wines and went off-pattern one day in the 80’s and created the first Christmas Jumpers. OR perhaps there was one frustrated artist who had no talent for expressing themselves through more traditional means like painting or sculpture but who could knit a mean Rudolph picture in the dark.

Whatever the truth of the origins of the jumpers, the trend was picked up by some notable celebrities on both sides of the pond including Bill Cosby in America and Noel Edmunds and other celebrity DJ’s and TV presenters in England. Christmas jumpers reigned supreme in the winter months during the 80s, presumably because people realised that shell suits were entirely inadequate for dealing with cold weather. Then all of a sudden, like the stars who wore them, The Christmas jumper vanished. Those old icons of popular culture were achingly uncool and anything to do with them was cast aside. But soon enough they made a return. Now worn in an ‘ironic’ fashion, the Christmas Jumper is back, sported by all sorts of the famous and beautiful. Unbelievable!