Dirt Bikes

Hello everybody, welcome back to my Art & Collectibles blog. I hope it’s been enjoyable for you reading my blog so far. My last post may have been a little boring for you as I was talking about stamp collecting and philately so sorry about that, I wanted to talk about it as it’s my wife’s favourite hobby. It is a hobby that a lot of people might not understand but I think if you are a collector like me, then you can maybe appreciate it a little more. I personally think there’s more interesting thigs to collect but everybody has their own opinion and my wife is very happy collecting stamps.

I don’t want to spend this article talking about philately, I wanted to move back to the subject of motorbikes. You may remember some posts back that I talked about my interest in Royal Enfield and how, although I don’t collect them, I have owned models in the past and continue to be interested in the brand. Well, my love for motorbikes does not just extend to Royal Enfield, I also have a big interest in dirt bikes. Where I live, there’s a lot of muddy roads which are not very even and have lots of stones and bricks poking out. This makes for a very bumpy ride backwards and forwards from our house to the Town. If you’re riding a push bike then it takes quite a while as you have to ride very slow, dodging as many of the bumps as you can. The Royal Enfield that I owned previously was ok, but I gave it away to my brother as he had no way of getting to and from work after somebody had stolen his car. This left me with a decision to make on what next to buy. Due to the narrow tracks, a bike is much more suited and we don’t really have a need for a big car. I’ve therefore been looking at dirt bikes as they would be perfect for the terrain where we live. They have big thick tyres with plenty of thick tread on them so they will easily handle the bumpy and muddy roads.



Maybe something Vintage

I can’t afford a brand new dirt bike that’s top of the range like the ones they ride in the Motor-cross on TV. Of course, if one found its way onto my doorstep then I’d be happy to take it. Look at some of the latest models by Yamaha or Honda on their websites. Motorsport.com is a good place to get all the low-down too. Yes, the bikes you'll see look amazing but they’re not really for me. I’m a collector at heart so I prefer that vintage/retro look. I love it when there’s a bit of character there. Sometimes, older bikes, aren’t that reliable as the technology wasn’t as evolved as nowadays. To be fair though, more often than not, I find that because older bikes were made a lot simpler with less electronics, they’re usually actually more reliable and that’s why they’re still going strong years later.


I’ve been searching www.used.forsale used dirt bikes for sale and there’s some older second-hand bikes that their current owners are wanting to sell for a very good price. There’s a Suzuki JR50 that’s nearly 30 years old and I quite like the look of it. That’s going for about $400 dollars depending on what currency you deal in. I was thinking around about that price ideally but I can go up to double that if need be. I’d like something a bit older and a bit more vintage though if I can. The mid-70’s is recognized as being the peak of the dirt bike era and therefore the point at which the vintage era was over. I’d therefore like something from the early-70’s if I had to choose.



Honda CR250M

I’ve found a Honda that’s a little over my budget at just over $1,000 dollars but I could stretch that far as I absolutely love the look of it. The Honda is 248cc which is about the right power for me. It has a 5-speed, left side shift transmission with a 1.8-gallon fuel capacity. It’s a really nice bike and was actually manufactured in 1974 from what I can gather. I’ve seen a few others from this era looking around on the net but this is the one that’s caught my eye. I liked a Maico 501 but it was even more expensive and my budget won’t push that far. They are a well-respected German brand who made reliable bikes so I did have one of those in mind initially but Honda have always been right up there and still are today so would be a good choice. If anyone has an opinion, then please share it. I really could do with a new bike soon but will wait a week or o just to assess my options.