Finding used Gucci Shoes

Obsessed with Second Hand designer Footwear:


Hey it’s Khalid here and I wanted to talk today about my obsession with shoes. I love designer footwear and my favourite type of designer shoes have a vintage style. Also, I’m not remotely snobby about wearing second hand shoes so my vast collection is made up from some real bargains. I have a big collection of footwear from Dolce and Gabanna, Ralph Lauren, Armani and Bogeta. I have recently become interested in used Gucci shoes, like the ones pictured. 



Sibling Rivalry:


My sister is quite envious of my shoe collection. She always ops for the latest style and then becomes bored with them within a few months. When she looks at my footwear collection, she realizes that all of my shoes are timeless. They never tire with age or go out of fashion. They are well made and classic and, therefore, remain stylish forever.


A colossal collection:


I have some 70 or 80 pairs of vintage or retro designer shoes and I really like both brogues and sneakers.  My Ralph Lauren collection are my favourites and I wear at least one pair of these almost every day. I also love my Dolce and Gabanna moccasins. Some of these are made from leather and some are made of suede. I have the suede variety in seven different colours and my friends always comment on how stylish and classic these look. Sometimes, because they do look somewhat suited to an older, more refined gentleman, my father also loves them and asks to borrow them often! I allow him to do this when I’m feeling generous. I would now like to start collecting used Gucci shoes to rival those of the Ralph Lauren collection.



Oh Gucci!


Gucci is a luxury brand that started in Florence, in Italy, in early 1920. Guccio Gucci was the founder of the Gucci fashion label. He was an immigrant worker who was employed in hotels in both London and Paris. When he saw some of the fine quality leather goods his hotel customers possessed it got him thinking about how easy, or difficult, it would be to start producing his own luxury leather goods. Being Italian, despite his humble beginnings, he had a taste for fine, quality products from an early age.



The Start of a High End, Luxury Brand:


Gucci returned to Florence, where he opened a shop selling fine leather goods in 1920. It wasn’t long until he was able to expand his business and open more shops in both Milan and Rome and more shops within Florence. Gucci did this with his three sons, Aldo Gucci, Vasco Gucci and Rodolfo Gucci. It really was a family affair.  Gucci’s leather bags and shoes became highly regarded amongst the Italian elite and his detailed loafer shoe became a 1920s icon in Italy.  It is this shoe and its later reincarnations that I am most interested in but I do also love the retro Gucci sneaker. You can view Gucci’s modern, yet timeless, collection of footwear on their website


In later years Gucci started producing his iconic loafer in more modern, brighter colours. They were made in red, blue, green, yellow and many more shades. These colourful loafers are so much fun to team with a simple outfit but it’s really the classic brown or black Gucci loafers that I find most appealing.  I also love Gucci sneakers. They are timeless and, despite essentially being a sports shoe, they always look smart.



Where to Find Well Priced Used Gucci Shoes for Sale:


Gucci does come with a price tag and I am persistent bargain hunter. It’s pointless searching in second hand shops. Sometimes I can come across a good deal but designer items usually get sold off very quickly or are uploaded to the online market. So I am looking online to find a good collection of used Gucci shoes.  It’s not easy to find a good deal on used designer shoes and, it seems, especially not used Gucci shoes. However, I have managed to find some really good deals online here: used gucci shoes. There are some fantastic looking, well maintained, used Gucci shoes here for less than I would spend, not that I ever do, on a pair of high street new shoes. And I know for a fact that a pair of good quality used Gucci shoes would far outlive anything new that I can buy on the high street. And so my collection begins!


I’ll be back soon with more blogs about art and my art collection but I just had to share my excitement about starting a used Gucci shoes collection with you guys!